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Next Level Services - Next Level Consulting Solutions

Business Shaped Solutions

Do you need the expertise to solve the human jigsaw puzzle - but on multiple levels? Next Level CS is an agent for the good candidates. We want to connect you with our best clients.


It's all about finding the right place for the right person – on all levels. By going "Next Level" with the matching process, its more than just technically matching people with a job. Its about finding a multi-dimensional connection between candidate and the working environment.

Labour Hire

Labour Hire – there are all sorts of times and places for Labour Hire – if the price is right. For employers and candidates who need the flexibility.

General Business Support

We are there to support you in any way that we are able to. Our industry involvement means that we might be able to help in other ways – even something as simple as general information around industry.

Human Resource Consulting

People are everything to us. We talk to people all day, we learn about what their needs are and we begin to understand their desires. We are in constant touch with everything to do with our most precious resource of all – Humans.

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We are all about listening to understand

Its all about going “All In” on understanding our Clients and Candidates. Meaning the Human Resource solutions are the ones you truly need

Genuine 24/7 availability to Senior Management

It’s a commitment to being available, when you need us to be available

Looking for sustainable Win/ Win/ Win relationships

We aren’t happy unless everyone involved is happy

A flexible recruitment approach

As much we can, we will adapt the recruitment process to work in with you